LifeXperiences creates exceptional experiences in combination with long lasting positive memories and solid brand loyalty, with tailor-made programs for incentives, meetings, private and congress events on the Balearics. The LifeXperiences team compiles every event independently, under the highest quality standards and all out of one hand. A complete event-package, as well as individual services forming part of any occasion. From the planning, organising and fulfillment of the event, through to success impact assessment and documentation, expert services out of one hand are offered.

Some of the Services of LifeXperiences are:

An action packed water sport toy on the island: The Flying Dolphin! After just a few minutes of practice participants will be able to fly like Superman above the water. The group is able to chill out on the launch boat with friends, enjoying cold drinks, listening to music and taking action shots of friends up in the air.

Ready, steady, GO! From Go-Kart racing for one person to a range of days – let us organize a tailor made Go-Kart championship event! Go Karts are small, openly-built, four-wheeled vehicles with 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines that come in all shapes and sizes. Once participants get the hang of it, they will love drifting through the curves at close proximity with other opponents.

Jet skis are motorbikes on water which can be driven either seated or standing. Various Jet Ski models from one-seaters up to four-seaters, are available and ideally suited for racing and freestyle maneuvers.